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 I'm Michelle and I'm passionate about getting people working technology at their pace 

Why can I help you ... 
As a woman It Geek I have been using computers since 1981 and been and IT trainer since 1998 when i worked in the NHS as a Computer System Manager I gained my people skils and explaining how to use computers 

Since 2008 I started my own self employed business specialising in getting sme's to market themselves on the internet 
Then I was the SW area IT trainer for a National company along side my own Client base. 

I specialise in 2 areas

Getting Laptops, smartphones and tablets working for the over 50's 

Helping SME do social media organisation and marketing for their business for themselves 

Specialist Areas 

Internet and technology set-up 

I can help set up your home internet 

Want your printer working with your tablet accross the wifi 

want the internet working in the whole hows I can help get it working effectively

Online Storage 

Advice on Storing your documents, picture, videos, online or on your machine.

Help with your filing system 

The cloud explained 

Cost effective and efficency keeping your money in your pocket not doing multiple subscriptions 

Free Inital consulation for a cup of Tea

I offer 45 min FREE consulation to help me assess your needs 

If i cannot help you I will definately know someone who can

What Advice on what kit ?

I have vast knowledge on technology and kit from PC , laptops tablets and smartphones, elbooks whether they are windows , android or apple based. 
I can source kit appropriate for you 
just contact me for a quote

Unlimited Access

Once you have had some training from me then my contact details are open to you
Customer is King

I provide the service to get you confident and working your technology

I abide by GPDR

I will only contract you with relivant information by the appropriate media , email, phone or app if you have requested contact. 

All information I have on your personal data is looked after under standard operating procedures to protect your information 


Michelle is a very experienced and gives excellent tuition and advice re the use of computer , laptops and modern technology . She explains everything in a simple and succinct way ,

helping novices to experts equally.

I fully recommend her and her businsess and thank her for her invaluable help 

Carole Towler

Retired Therapist

Contacted Devon IT Expert and Michelle gave me some very helpful advice on Business Setup and It Information.

Very Patient and understanding for and over 60 person, still needing help with IT 

Michelle also helped with an excellent laptop purchase 

Jane Moxon


Michelle is always willing to help whether its a Big job or a small job ther is no judgement even if its to dealt simply. Michelle also goes above and beyond to make sure you have understood things on the computer I am at present waiting for Michell to help me set up my facebook page and other social media 

Michelle Mulcahy

Self Employed Business owner 


Windows, PC ,Laptop , IMAC , Macbook , Tablets,ebooks, Ipads, smartphones, android, Iso 


Address: Exmouth Devon

Phone: 07718746857

Email: learn@devonitexpert.co.uk


Monday - Friday: 7am - 10pm

Saturday: 1pm - 9pm

Sunday: 1pm - 9pm


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